Marc Beer Technological Innovation Offers Lifetime Solutions to Pelvic Floor Disorders

With over 25 years of experience in biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceuticals, Marc Beer doubles as the chairman and the C.E.O of Renovia Inc. Renovia was founded in 2016 by Marc beer together with Ramon Iglesia with a purpose of alleviating pelvic disorders among women. Renovia Inc continues to cement itself as a leading medtech company in developing diverse therapeutic and diagnostic products to treat women suffering from pelvic disorders such as urinary incontinence. It is estimated that about 250 million women around the world are affected by such diseases. Well researched first Renovia product Leva has already received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Through his experience in fund mobilization and marketing, Marc Beer, successfully organized series B Longwood Fund led by perceptive advisors from New York and Ascension ventures based in Missouri to raise a record of $42 million for women health startup. This fund is geared towards further developing diagnostic and therapeutic products under the Renovia programs. Learn more:

In his own words, Marc Beer was encouraged by the support he received from leading health care investors who share the vision of improving the lives of many women around the world affected by pelvic disorders. Through Renovia combination of innovation and sensor technologies, women around the world will have access to information on treatment options leading to better understanding and diverse knowledge about pelvic disorders. Through this innovate venture, the long-term health care cost will reduce due to report on prevention and proper management drills for those affected. The interactive Leva digital health system which uses Bluetooth to a smartphone is a revolutionary process which offers floor training to women at their pleasure. The floor training empowers women to make informed choices on pelvic disorders conditions without side effects of surgery and medication.

Marc Beer has worked with several biotechnology organizations, and before his current role at Renovia, he was the founding CEO of Viacell. He led the company for seven rapid years of expansion and growth. Under his leadership, the company was listed in 2005, achieved growth of more than 300 employees, and acquired by Perkin Elmer in 2007. Marc Beer was once a board member of mass life science commonwealth of Massachusetts. While still at ViaCell, Marc was also a board member of directors at Erytech Pharma where he served as the vice president of global marketing, in charge of the global commercial launch of rare disease products marketing. Marc is a respected businessman and serves as a member of the business advisory council in the University of Miami. He attended the University of Miami graduate with bachelors’ degree in Bs. Marc Beer molded his career around research and development as well as pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.