James Reese, An Inspiration To US Veterans

For many US veterans, it is a struggle to get back to civilian life and use their skills to economic opportunities after serving and defending the interest of the country. But there are veterans who are not only highly motivated but also have a heart for entrepreneurship. One of them is James Reese who founded TigerSwan after he retired from the service.

TigerSwan is Veteran-Owned and Service-Disabled Small Business that offers a full range international risk management and alleviation consultancy that blends real-world experience with advanced and innovative technologies to bring a wide spectrum of intellectual, personnel, physical, and professional security solution to safeguard modern businesses.

TigerSwan aims to provide its clients with actionable and clear insights to respond to the most crucial challenges in terms of security. Businesses can rely on TigerSwan when it comes to issues that affect the protection and management of the operations, financial stability, and reputation of the business. TigerSwan has a global capacity and collective international experience to provide swift response and service deployment.

This allows TigerSwan to align methods, people, and policies to safeguard the most crucial assets from various threats caused by man-made or natural events located in diverse, politically charged, and culturally dynamic locations in the world. The concept of starting the company was hatched in the kitchen of James Reeseā€™s colleague after they returned from their combat rotation.

Before James Reese founded TigerSwan in 2007, he served as a commissioned and non-commission officer at the US Army. He is a Lt. Colonel and the commander of the highly regarded Delta Force or the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. As a commander, James Reese was regarded as one of the finest Special Forces commanders in the US modern military.

James Reese now leads TigerSwan and sits as its chief executive officer. The small business has over 300 employees and business operations in over 50 countries all over the globe. With his experience in leadership and his attitude of not easily giving up, James Reese was able to grow the veteran-owned business TigerSwan and has used his skills in a whole new different industry.

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