Steve Ritchie on Being an Example for Work Ethic

The contributions Steve Ritchie has made towards Papa John’s since he became the CEO have ultimately been able to skyrocket Papa John’s worth and improve prospects of further growth in the future. His grace in business is what is most effective about him, as it causes him to carefully think each option over before he finally decides upon how to act. This, in effect, makes the company a far more unstoppable force. A business owner who possesses skills in being cautious knows how to lead properly, and their work tends to be far more successful in the long run.

Your skills in leadership are constantly put to the test when you are placed at the helm of any business, regardless how small or large. In the case of Steve Ritchie, he has had to prove himself as the CEO of Papa John’s, so it is exciting to see this grow into fruition as the company is daily coming up with new ways to improve upon the state of their business structure. Based on the example Steve Ritchie is leading by, they are expecting to expand their operations even further than they have already.

In their eyes, once a business decides that it is done with its expansion process, it tends to be marked for its limited potential. When the people see that a massive corporation is not actively doing everything they can to climb up the corporate ladder, they cannot help but question the merits of the business. It is merely nature of people to question every promise that comes their way. Especially in the case of business, people are usually so used to being lied to that they do not trust hopeful promises right off the get-go.

This explains why Steve Ritchie has had to go to such lengths to prove himself as a capable leader. Although it has not been an easy journey for him, he believes the process to be utterly fruitful, and he is proud to be running at the very head of his business. His plans for growth only indicate that the company will be on steady waters for the foreseeable future, and at the end of the day, this is the best position for any business to be in. When you are surrounded with the volatility of the stock market and the seemingly-rapid decline of the economy, Papa John’s becomes not only a success story, but a symbol for hope in the future of business.

Because of the vast level of work they have contributed towards bettering their team, the hiring process has become much more filtered as of lately. In order to become a part of the corporate team, you need to truly possess not only the qualifications but the work ethic to push yourself and your team every single day. There is a specific mindset Steve Ritchie is interested in cultivated for Papa John’s, and this is the mindset of someone who is not afraid to take risks and make sacrifices in order to grow. At the end of the day, there will always be potential employees out there in the world like this, but it is the position of the business owner to set up a system that finds these individuals.

Because he has been able to construct such a potently progressive corporate ladder, the employees under Steve Ritchie are the exact sort to put their heart and soul into every bit of work they must do. You can, at the end of the day, draw the employees’ behavior right back to the boss; because Steve Ritchie shows such care for his work, the people who work with him tend to follow suit.

Nitin Khannas Journey to Realizing His Entrepreneurial Dream

Nitin Khanna is a successful entrepreneur known for starting several companies including Mergetech where he currently serves as a Chief Executive Officer. He leverages his many years of experience to offer clients tech consulting services. Khanna’s road to success has not been that smooth. Here is a brief of his journey to riches and prosperity in the world of business.

Nitin Khanna is an Indian native who was raised up in a hardworking family. His father was a senior officer in the army and many of his relatives were successful entrepreneurs. He was inspired to take the route of entrepreneurship when he spent time at various business entrepreneurs at a young age. He developed interest in entrepreneurship and he could create philosophies which proved to be very helpful later.

In an interview, Khanna responded to the question of what he would do differently if the hand of the clock could turn backwards by saying that not being anxious, patience and steadiness plays a major role in the growth of a person. He encourages struggling entrepreneurs to set their eyes on the price and work to actualize their plans. Nitin Khanna moved to the United States when he was only 17. In the United States, he joined Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana where he pursued a degree in industrial engineering.

He embarked on a journey to build his work career at International Paper where he gained experience and skills that would come-in-handy later. Khanna climbed the ladder to earn himself the position of a manager at a cardboard box plant. He left the workforce some years later to pursue his entrepreneurial interests. Khanna and his brother took a challenge of starting a new business in the tech industry at a time when technology was a spreading across the world.

Nitin Khanna built Saber Software to be become one of the leading tech companies with annual revenues of 4300 million and more than 1500 employees. The company was later acquired by EDS where Nitin Khanna served for a while in a leadership position. Later, he left EDS and started Mergertech when he realized he could leverage his vast experience to provide cutting edge advisory services to startups and other entities.

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Unroll Me – Use Your Inbox More Productively

The email has become an essential part of our lives. Whether it is for personal reasons or professional reasons, they offer many advantages. But, with so many different emails that one receives on a daily basis, people are finding it difficult to use it without feeling frustrated. With so many people struggling to keep their email clutter free these days, the email management app such as Unroll Me has become the savior for many people using it today. The app has some of the most advanced features that give the users total control over their email without losing data or privacy by any means. The app is designed and developed around the needs of the modern users, and not only it allows the people to categorize the different subscription services to track them easily, but it also provides the users with the ability to unsubscribe in bulk.

Unroll Me has become a major app in the world of email management these days, and it gives the users the ability to get rid of the unwanted subscriptions within seconds. Unsubscribing from the hundreds of services manually would take ages, and it is also one of the reasons why many people delay the process of unsubscribing. It is also distracting for people to keep getting unwanted emails in their inbox each day that are only trying to push products on you almost forcibly and want money out of your pocket. There is also a chance of rogue emails entering your inbox that can threaten the security and integrity of your PC security by becoming the entry point to spread the virus. 

In order to keep such clutter and treats away, Unroll Me is the perfect app that you can use that would make it easier for you to manage your email security as well as subscriptions. There are tons of services out there that claim to be free for email management, but later push up-sells on you. However, Unroll Me is completely free for use with no hidden costs for life. Thus, they offer a way for people to use their email without having to spend useless time on checking each email they receive in their inbox.

Jeunesse Global Won Many Awards

Wendy Lewis and her husband, Randy Ray, began Jeunesse Global in 2009 after discovering the possibilities of stem cell research and the possible effects it could have on anti-aging products. They both had experience as entrepreneurs prior to beginning their health and wellness company where they gained expertise in direct marketing and the benefits of network marketing. 

Their knowledge paid off because they recently won 24 awards for the Communicator Awards in Florida in 2019. BusinessWire recently published an article called “Jeunesse Global Honored with 24 Awards in 25th Annual Communicator Competition.” The article reveals how the successful company was honored with 11 awards of Excellence (the highest honor available from the awards) and 13 awards of distinction. They won many awards for their excellence in their digital and traditional marketing

Though the company has been a big winner for the past four years at the award show, they recently improved their marketing game with new tools and branding that helped reveal the unique Jeunesse Global story. They also focused on highlighting the incredible benefits of their products, including the benefits of their APT-200, developed by physician Nathan Newman. Their brand has also improved their content marketing strategy with the release of “We Live Jeunesse,” a digital magazine that also functions as a product catalog. They provide engaging content that allows more interaction between the consumers and the brand, establishing more trust and brand awareness. The magazine won eight different awards for the company, including six awards of excellence for the design, visual appeal, and writing. 

The company also released two new product lines that gathered a lot of attention at the awards. The RVL Advanced Hair Care System won seven awards for Jeunesse including awards of Excellence for the videos and brochures for the product. The product line was also awarded the 2019 Winner for the Global Awards in Beauty. It was designed to provide an at-home hair care system that was equal to the salon. The luxury system is infused with a polypeptide technology called HPT-6 that was designed to help revitalize the appearance of the scalp and hair.

Alastair Borthwick: A writer and a broadcaster who witnessed World War Two

Alastair Borthwick was born on 17th February 1913 in Rutherglen but he moved to Glasgow where he finished his secondary school. He attended the Glasgow High School and graduated school when he was of sixteen years of age. Soon after leaving school he became a copy taker at the Even Times. After working here for a while he joined the Glasgow Weekly Herald where he did a lot of writing for the newspaper on a wide variety of topics. After working as a writer for the newspaper he became a broadcaster.

Alastair Borthwick discovered rock climbing which was becoming popular amongst common middle-class people in Glasgow at that time. He published his first book named “Always a Little Further” in 1939. The book became very popular and became one of the bestselling books. The book revolved around how Glasgow was going through a social change and how rock climbing which was once a sport of the well-off had become popular amongst people of the working class. 

Alastair Borthwick also served with the British Army in North Africa and Western Europe during the Second World War. He worked as a battalion intelligence officer and was given the responsibility to lead a battalion consisting of 600 men through German open lines. Alastair Borthwick was successful in this mission. He also wrote Sans Peur which was a story about a few civilians who happened to evolve themselves as a fighting unit. He had six months to write about his experience at the Second World War.

His work basically covers two areas. He studied outdoor climbing and wrote on the military war as an infantryman.

Right after the end of the Second World War Alastair Borthwick went to the coast of Jura. He lived there with his wife for about 7 years. The couple had a son named Patrick. Soon after the birth of his child, he moved with his family to South Ayrshire in 1960. This is where he spent the rest of his life. He died on the 23rd of September in 2003 at his home at the age of 90.

Max Salk The Financial Analyst With A Knack For Photography

Max Salk is a financial analyst from New York City was also a professional photographer. Max Salk is a very educated individual and has two degrees. In 2011 Max Salk graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a double major. He has been working in the financial industry ever since he graduated from college. He worked for PPM America for three years but his current position is with a company called Blackstone Group. Max Salk also has a love for his community and for the military. He donates his time to helping military veterans by being actively involved in charities such as the Navy Seal Foundation.

Even though Max Salk lives in New York City he tries to disconnect from that fast-paced lifestyle any chance that he gets and focus on living a simple life. He is familiar with technology and the use of technology as well but he does not chase the next and greatest technology if it does not increase productivity in his life or business. He also makes it a point to have an equal balance between his career and the few things that he loves to do such as landscape photography, travel, and sports. Because the world that we live in today is so unbalanced Max Salk just tries to make sure he leaves a balance life. There are many principles that Max Salk uses to lead this balanced life which includes having a successful career and a great personal life.The first thing in an interview on Max Salk talks about the importance of preparation. He gives an example of this preparation to how he started his landscape photography career. He was studying in the Netherlands and woke up one morning to go for a walk. He decided to take his camera and started taking pictures. If he did not have his camera on hand and wasn’t prepared he would not have found his passion for photography. 

Max Salk also talked about being able to adjust on the fly. The reason why this is important is because you never know when you may encounter an unexpected problem and have to come up with a solution instantly. Max Salk has a unique life and a very different perspective on things but his take on life has made him very successful. Outside of his success is also able to enjoy life and experienced a lot of different things. He has shown how a well balanced life is extremely attainable and even beneficial. Everyone should just try disconnecting every now and then from technology and just enjoy nature. 

Sergey Petrossov’s Successful Future Shows the Past is Just as Important

Sergey Petrossov

Let’s begin where there was an advanced subject on Sergey Petrossov however sharing required more assets and capital. We generally realized that sharing is the manner by which you can widen the market Petrossov said. That financing before long came, and since propelling its sharing stage in ’15 JetSmarter has gotten speculations from a few prominent benefactors including well-known rapper and Hip-Hop artist, Jay-Z, and the Saudi Royal Family. Situated as a compromise half to lower costs for existing private flyers, while giving more noteworthy accommodation to new clients, the stage enables individuals to both timetable flights and book empty seats on existing private flights. It advanced into an idea that gives an answer for existing plane clients, yet in addition for individuals who fly business and need adaptability said Petrossov.

Throughout his course Sergey Petrossov that is, has in recent times enrollment bundles have experienced a few emphases, provoking analysis from certain clients who presently face add-on charges for private contracts. In any case, Petrossov said he is centered around democratizing access to private travel. Today, fundamental enrollment is accessible for $5k every year, with changing extra expenses for sanctioning flights and booking void seats. A higher level of participation is accessible from $50k.

The team and Petrossov need to set another standard. It’s not about selectiveness, it’s tied in with giving progressively effective travel,” he said. JetSmarter says it at present serves 15k individuals, principally business voyagers, over the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. In the next couple of years, Petrossov said he wants to grow this client base by offering lower costs for short adventures. We will likely take a huge piece of the overall industry against business aircraft, explicitly business and top of the line, particularly for courses under five hours, he included. Modest but highly successful is this young CEO’s track record among his peers, no wonder he boasts A-List celebrities in his board of investors. That being said they see his true intentions and have made a large investment not only in the company itself but also on him as the great leader he is.

Ara Chackerian: It is Possible to Create Mental Health Awareness

In the healthcare industry, influential private investors are coming up. Ordinary investors own some of the most successful healthcare startups. Ara Chackerian is popular in healthcare because of the many healthcare investments under his name. The executive has helped many healthcare companies to start and grow in healthcare. As an angel investor, the visionary leader knows so much about the market. Chackerian healthcare startups are among the leaders in the market. TMS Healthcare came into the market just recently, and it is already changing lives. One of the major issues handled by TMS Health and Chackerian is mental health.

Mental conditions can be very dangerous. In the global platform, research shows that more than one hundred people die every day because of these conditions. Ara Chackerian and his startups are doing everything to eliminate these deaths in the community. The business executive is asking everyone to start taking the mental health awareness month with seriousness. This is a time where patients living with mental health issues need help and recognition. The mental health awareness month started decades ago. Since 1949, organizations come out during this time of the year to offer support to mental healthcare activities. The main aim of the month is to educate and effectively inform every member of the public about mental illnesses. Many patients are living with these critical conditions everywhere.

Ara Chackerian and other powerful organizations want more patients with mental challenges to get help. According to the executive, more people are getting diseases, and they hide so that society accepts them. During the mental health awareness month, it is important for everyone to take part in initiatives that help mental patients. By accepting and loving the patients, more people will access the assistance they need. The stigma associated with the disease makes many patients in the world suffer in silence. Read more about Ara Chackerian: