Robert Deignan takes the digital revolution a notch higher

Robert Deignan is the current CEO and Co-founder of ATS Digital Services, a revolutionary company that offers digital support on matters related to technology. Whether you are facing issues to do with connectivity or simply looking to perform general troubleshooting, ATS Digital is at your service.

Born in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale, Robert was talented in sports from a young age. In fact, his university education at Purdue University was made possible courtesy of a full football scholarship. He took a course in Organizational Leadership and went on to graduate with a degree in the same.

Robert’s first engagements after university were with the Miami Dolphins in 1997 and the NY Jets in 1998. However, it was also during this time that an entrepreneurial bug bit him. He went ahead to co-found Fanlink Inc. Despite the success he has had in business, Robert did not leave his first love; sports. Notably, he is one of the competitors in offshore fishing tournaments.

Robert notes that he got the idea to start ATS Digital after working for yet another Anti-Malware Software Company. While working here, they regularly had issues when trying to install the malware in the user’s machines. After some research, they noticed that some bad guys used malware products to block the installation of their software. When this happened, the company saw the need to have one of their experts remotely connect to the user’s machines so they can remove the malware. This turned out successful and was to become the norm henceforth.

So, when Robert and his colleagues finally called it quits at the company, they saw the need to make use of the skills they had gained in helping users resolve their technical problems remotely. Apart from being an effective method, it was gradually gaining popularity and they saw a business opportunity. This is how ATS Digital came to being.

As much as he is a proponent of hard work, Robert does not believe in being a workaholic. In fact, he notes that most of his ideas come to being while relaxing outdoors or while on holiday when his mind is all refreshed.

Betterworks Secures Additional Series B Investments

Over the past few months, Betterworks has been going through a variety of Series B funding rounds. The B2B services provider has recently announced, however, that these rounds had now come to a close; with that, it’s also announced that it has raised a total of $65 million. The most recent of this came as an investment of $27 million from the most recent Series B round. The company also noted that the round was led by Emergence Capital, who had already invested a considerable sum into the business. Furthermore, Kleiner Perkins also assisted throughout the process, while there were a variety of other seed investors.

Over the past few years, Betterworks has become known for its continuous performance management programs, which have proven to be innovative. As such, the company has been steadily growing its name while also expanding significantly. The company has also noted that the recent investments will go toward increasing the pace at which Betterworks has been designing and improving their products and services. With that in mind, it’s been noted that the company looks poised to expand rapidly in the next few years. Much of this has been driven by the fact that the majority of its customers have been well-received by clients.

Betterworks has recently noted that usage of their products and services have doubled over the past year, which has had a large role in the company’s success. It’s also been noted that this is the second year in a row that Betterworks has grown by such a rate. The company has focused on creating products and services geared toward continuous performance management tasks. Chief among these are the likes of talent retention, enterprise agility, overall performance and much more. With this foundation, the company is set to capitalize on its reputation and services over the next few months.

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What is Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s perspective on R.A.W?

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the Global Brand President for Matrix/Biolage, an American professional hair care brand. The brand specializes in wholesome, natural, and authentic hair care products and aims at producing 100 percent natural hair care products that have no adverse environmental effects. He explains that R.A.W emanated from the global need for a natural hair product. R.A.W is the company’s response to the need for more eco-friendly products. It is a holistic approach that is complemented by L’Oreal’s Sharing Beauty With All program.

The company produces natural care hair products using natural, active, and biodegradable ingredients and avoiding sulfates, silicone, or parabens. As the brand’s president, Dan Bethelmy-Rada states that the company relies on elements sourced from reliable and traceable sources that ensure the entire production process adheres to eco-friendly manufacturing. As part of the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability, it aims to achieve maximum utilization of resources in the production process in order to minimize wastage. To utilize the available raw materials in producing natural hair care products, the company sources its ingredients from organic products including plants, minerals, seaweed, fungi, and honey. The company’s president reveals that even the packaging process of the company sticks to sustainable resource management practices by using recycled plastic to manufacture them.

What is the company’s top priority?

Dan Bethelmy-Rada acknowledges that the company’s priority is to ensure that they adhere to sustainability without compromising quality. The company also utilizes technology and innovation to overcome the various challenges associated with green manufacturing. It has multiple research and innovation facilities in place that conduct a series of tests throughout the production chain to help maintain the sustainability of the product chain. The efforts by the company to promote sustainability through social media through the hashtag #LiveRaw has also been positive. The company’s digital campaign seeks to help stakeholders in the hair care industry to incorporate green practices in their operations. Through the campaign, the company has encouraged over 700 salons across the United States to promote water and electricity saving practices.