What Areas Of The Economy Paul Mampilly Sees As Outperforming

Paul Mampilly is a former New York City hedge fund manager. He now owns and operates Capuchin Consulting, a financial consulting firm he founded in January 2013 in Durham, North Carolina. Through his firm he puts out a monthly investment pamphlet called Profits Unlimited which is published by Banyan Hill Publishing.

Paul Mampilly worked on Wall Street he worked for a number of different financial corporations including Deutsche Asset Management, ING Funds, Capuchinomics, and Kinetics Asset Management. After he left Wall Street he decided that he no longer wanted to help the already very wealthy make even more money and instead decided to offer his investing advice to regular, middle-class people. He recommends stocks to people in each issue of Profits Unlimited and over the last year the return on his recommendations has been 47%. This compares to a return of 17% on the S&P 500.

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One of the areas of the economy that While Paul Mampilly thinks will do very well in the coming years is on food and restaurants. This is because most millennials don’t know how to cook. They grew up in a household where both parents work and as a consequence they never learned how to cook from their parents. The average millennial spends $50 a week eating out at restaurants.

Another area regarding food that can be a great investment is in the new food delivery services popping up such as Blue Apron and Plated. These services deliver food to people that has already been prepped and contains simple directions to complete the dish that anyone can follow whether they can cook or not. These dishes are also healthy with a lot of vitamins and minerals which are also something that millennials are looking for.

Another area that is facing explosive growth is precision medicine. This involves using a person’s genetic information in order to both diagnose an illness or disease but also how to treat it. Precision medicine is individualized to each patient rather than conventional methods where treatment takes more of a one size fits all approach.

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