Nitin Khannas Journey to Realizing His Entrepreneurial Dream

Nitin Khanna is a successful entrepreneur known for starting several companies including Mergetech where he currently serves as a Chief Executive Officer. He leverages his many years of experience to offer clients tech consulting services. Khanna’s road to success has not been that smooth. Here is a brief of his journey to riches and prosperity in the world of business.

Nitin Khanna is an Indian native who was raised up in a hardworking family. His father was a senior officer in the army and many of his relatives were successful entrepreneurs. He was inspired to take the route of entrepreneurship when he spent time at various business entrepreneurs at a young age. He developed interest in entrepreneurship and he could create philosophies which proved to be very helpful later.

In an interview, Khanna responded to the question of what he would do differently if the hand of the clock could turn backwards by saying that not being anxious, patience and steadiness plays a major role in the growth of a person. He encourages struggling entrepreneurs to set their eyes on the price and work to actualize their plans. Nitin Khanna moved to the United States when he was only 17. In the United States, he joined Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana where he pursued a degree in industrial engineering.

He embarked on a journey to build his work career at International Paper where he gained experience and skills that would come-in-handy later. Khanna climbed the ladder to earn himself the position of a manager at a cardboard box plant. He left the workforce some years later to pursue his entrepreneurial interests. Khanna and his brother took a challenge of starting a new business in the tech industry at a time when technology was a spreading across the world.

Nitin Khanna built Saber Software to be become one of the leading tech companies with annual revenues of 4300 million and more than 1500 employees. The company was later acquired by EDS where Nitin Khanna served for a while in a leadership position. Later, he left EDS and started Mergertech when he realized he could leverage his vast experience to provide cutting edge advisory services to startups and other entities.

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Sergey Petrossov’s Successful Future Shows the Past is Just as Important

Sergey Petrossov

Let’s begin where there was an advanced subject on Sergey Petrossov however sharing required more assets and capital. We generally realized that sharing is the manner by which you can widen the market Petrossov said. That financing before long came, and since propelling its sharing stage in ’15 JetSmarter has gotten speculations from a few prominent benefactors including well-known rapper and Hip-Hop artist, Jay-Z, and the Saudi Royal Family. Situated as a compromise half to lower costs for existing private flyers, while giving more noteworthy accommodation to new clients, the stage enables individuals to both timetable flights and book empty seats on existing private flights. It advanced into an idea that gives an answer for existing plane clients, yet in addition for individuals who fly business and need adaptability said Petrossov.

Throughout his course Sergey Petrossov that is, has in recent times enrollment bundles have experienced a few emphases, provoking analysis from certain clients who presently face add-on charges for private contracts. In any case, Petrossov said he is centered around democratizing access to private travel. Today, fundamental enrollment is accessible for $5k every year, with changing extra expenses for sanctioning flights and booking void seats. A higher level of participation is accessible from $50k.

The team and Petrossov need to set another standard. It’s not about selectiveness, it’s tied in with giving progressively effective travel,” he said. JetSmarter says it at present serves 15k individuals, principally business voyagers, over the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. In the next couple of years, Petrossov said he wants to grow this client base by offering lower costs for short adventures. We will likely take a huge piece of the overall industry against business aircraft, explicitly business and top of the line, particularly for courses under five hours, he included. Modest but highly successful is this young CEO’s track record among his peers, no wonder he boasts A-List celebrities in his board of investors. That being said they see his true intentions and have made a large investment not only in the company itself but also on him as the great leader he is.

Ara Chackerian: It is Possible to Create Mental Health Awareness

In the healthcare industry, influential private investors are coming up. Ordinary investors own some of the most successful healthcare startups. Ara Chackerian is popular in healthcare because of the many healthcare investments under his name. The executive has helped many healthcare companies to start and grow in healthcare. As an angel investor, the visionary leader knows so much about the market. Chackerian healthcare startups are among the leaders in the market. TMS Healthcare came into the market just recently, and it is already changing lives. One of the major issues handled by TMS Health and Chackerian is mental health.

Mental conditions can be very dangerous. In the global platform, research shows that more than one hundred people die every day because of these conditions. Ara Chackerian and his startups are doing everything to eliminate these deaths in the community. The business executive is asking everyone to start taking the mental health awareness month with seriousness. This is a time where patients living with mental health issues need help and recognition. The mental health awareness month started decades ago. Since 1949, organizations come out during this time of the year to offer support to mental healthcare activities. The main aim of the month is to educate and effectively inform every member of the public about mental illnesses. Many patients are living with these critical conditions everywhere.

Ara Chackerian and other powerful organizations want more patients with mental challenges to get help. According to the executive, more people are getting diseases, and they hide so that society accepts them. During the mental health awareness month, it is important for everyone to take part in initiatives that help mental patients. By accepting and loving the patients, more people will access the assistance they need. The stigma associated with the disease makes many patients in the world suffer in silence. Read more about Ara Chackerian:

The Most Important Things To Know About Grupo RBS

In order to become knowledgeable about the Brazilian media industry, it’s important to learn about Grupo RBS. Grupo RBS plays an integral role in this sector of Brazil’s economy, and they’ve been quite successful in recent times. Here’s what you need to know about them:

The Company Works With Multiple Types Of Media

Unlike some companies that just focus on one particular type of media outlet, RBS does work with print media, radio, television, online media, and even offers other services. While all of the services that they offer are doing well, their radio stations have been particularly successful in recent times, especially Gaucha and Zero Hora.

Why Have Their Radio Stations Been Doing So Well Lately?

The reason for their recent success is that they’ve been pairing back on expenses, and this has allowed them to increase their profits. As a result of these changes, profits are up by 74%, and their expenses are down a combined total of 5 million dollars!

What Newspapers Do They Own?

You can find their papers both online and offline, and some of them are exclusively online. A few examples of their newspapers are Pioneiro, A Notícia, and Jornal de Santa Catarina. Their exclusively online papers receive a large amount of traffic, and this is likely to continue in the future.

What TV Stations Do They Own?

They own three different ones, and these are TV COM, OCTO, and RBS TV. These networks broadcast programming that’s popular among the Brazilian public, and these stations have been quite successful in recent times.

The Company Has Outreach Programs That Help Children

One of Grupo RBS outreach programs is designed to encourage citizens of the country to be a positive influence in children’s lives overall, and their other program helps to improve the education of Brazilian elementary school students.

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Organo Gold Is Liquid Gold

There’s a big name on the block this season and they go by Organo Gold. Read the reviews at

Organo Gold is taking your average everyday coffee and giving it a bold new start. From a good morning wake up to a Summer delight, this new twist is definitely something to wow about. You want to see my forget this is coffee so pull out the ice and the orange pills and you’re ready for a new recipe. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

However, if summer drinks aren’t up your alley, rolling out of the summer is a delightful beverage for Autumn as well. With their pumpkin spice flavor you can still bring in the cooler seasons in with a warm pleasants drink.


James Reese, An Inspiration To US Veterans

For many US veterans, it is a struggle to get back to civilian life and use their skills to economic opportunities after serving and defending the interest of the country. But there are veterans who are not only highly motivated but also have a heart for entrepreneurship. One of them is James Reese who founded TigerSwan after he retired from the service.

TigerSwan is Veteran-Owned and Service-Disabled Small Business that offers a full range international risk management and alleviation consultancy that blends real-world experience with advanced and innovative technologies to bring a wide spectrum of intellectual, personnel, physical, and professional security solution to safeguard modern businesses.

TigerSwan aims to provide its clients with actionable and clear insights to respond to the most crucial challenges in terms of security. Businesses can rely on TigerSwan when it comes to issues that affect the protection and management of the operations, financial stability, and reputation of the business. TigerSwan has a global capacity and collective international experience to provide swift response and service deployment.

This allows TigerSwan to align methods, people, and policies to safeguard the most crucial assets from various threats caused by man-made or natural events located in diverse, politically charged, and culturally dynamic locations in the world. The concept of starting the company was hatched in the kitchen of James Reese’s colleague after they returned from their combat rotation.

Before James Reese founded TigerSwan in 2007, he served as a commissioned and non-commission officer at the US Army. He is a Lt. Colonel and the commander of the highly regarded Delta Force or the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. As a commander, James Reese was regarded as one of the finest Special Forces commanders in the US modern military.

James Reese now leads TigerSwan and sits as its chief executive officer. The small business has over 300 employees and business operations in over 50 countries all over the globe. With his experience in leadership and his attitude of not easily giving up, James Reese was able to grow the veteran-owned business TigerSwan and has used his skills in a whole new different industry.

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Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in 1978 in the month of June in Delhi. He moved to the United Kingdom in 2000 and began his career at C and C Alpha Group in 2001. Prior to moving to the UK, he was a student at the University of Boston. He majored in International Business and Marketing at his university.

Bhanu Choudhrie is known as the founder of C and C Alpha Group which works in a variety of different areas all around the globe. The company has investments in real estate, aviation, healthcare, and banking. The company also acts as a consultancy agency giving advice and recommendations to venture capital investors. He has been working as the executive director at the company and is responsible for its investment strategies.

Bhanu Choudhrie is also the owner of the Alpha Aviation Group. This company was founded by him in 2006 and is training pilots in the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. In an interview, he mentions that opening the airline was a huge risk for him and his partners but he had an optimistic approach and was not afraid to fail. Soon after the launch of the company it became a success.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie is a philanthropist and is the director of “Path to Success” which is a charity organization that helps disabled athletes. It is run by his mother and he helps her as a director and promotes the organization. He believes that the more he will give to people the more he will get in return and therefore does a lot of other charitable work as well.

In 2008 he won the Asian Entrepreneur of the Year award. In an interview, Bhanu Choudhrie said that he was very happy and excited when he got the award. He also mentioned that if he could achieve so much in a country he wasn’t even born in anyone out there can work hard and achieve something or the other. He also mentioned that his success was a result of working with experienced teams and hardworking professionals.

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Products can fit into our digital world like never before

Steve Lesnard is a big proponent of two important ideas in digital marketing for new products. One is keeping your message simple but memorable and the second idea is to bring your message alive to customers by personalizing it. This has always been important but it is, perhaps, much more so in our digital world. We communicate in new ways and so advertisers need to alter their methods as well. Marketing needs to fit around social media by focusing on the individual consumer.

Peleton is a company mentioned by Steve Lesnard in connection to the first idea, a simple but memorable message. Peleton makes and sells exercise equipment. When advertising their stationary exercise bikes, they did not talk about the features or components of the product. Instead they emphasized bringing the energy and excitement of a spinning class to the comfort of your living room. The idea of convenience is powerful in our fast paced world. Customers are much more likely to be reached by a message of convenience than from a simple description of a product. Another great benefit of this is that this simple message can be extended to a range of products including other fitness equipment, different sports, or even fitness apps. This ensures that products are much more exciting than what they are at their base. Instead every product fits neatly into the consumer’s life, enriching and enhancing it.

The second idea, connecting products to consumers’ lives and personalizing it, is done through a number of ways. One way is appropriate product placement. Advertisements and marketing can be made much more relevant by the smart use of social media. Perhaps exercise equipment is advertised in relevant groups, or close to certain topics. Another way is to use customer testimonial. What is their story and how is it similar to other clients? Another aspect is to focus on specific features, the most relevant and exciting. What do you want your company to represent? What is the message you want people to remember when they hear a specific brand name?

Going To The Academy of Art University

Are you an art student? Do you enjoy art? Are you wanting to create a creative career for yourself? Then if you answered yes to at least one of these questions, the Academy of Art University just may be a good fit for you. The university has a nearly one hundred percent acceptance rate and accepts students from many different backgrounds. Before attending a university like this one must understand completely what type of educational institution this is.

Getting accepted into this school is a breeze but be mindful of everything else that you must have in order to attend classes. The tuition for this private school is steep. Set outside a six-figure sum to complete your bachelor’s degree from this institution. If you will be relocating to San Francisco, California to live keep in mind that the cost of living in this city is expensive. Room and board at the school is not cheap either. Renting an apartment can set you back nearly a thousand dollars a month for rent. If you will be renting an apartment, rent an apartment with some friends to rent for each individual person would be extremely lower.

The academics of the Academy of Art University is what sets this school apart. The school provides itself on only having a staff of educators that are truly knowledgeable and willing to instruct students with the right type of education. Educators and students collaborate together. The staff here have worked to create en extensive support system where students can feel welcomed. The school runs on a set of beliefs that guides everything they do from instruction to support to the academics to simply building relationships with students.

Academy of Art University is a great school to consider if you are naturally creative and want to have a creative career. Be mindful of the costs of the university. Understand you have twenty-five different majors to choose from. Be mindful you can attend classes remotely online and in the classroom. Rest assured when arriving at the university, you will be greeted with supportive teachers, welcoming students and a great learning experience ahead of you.

Raffaele Riva and Holdings

Why would Raffaele Riva, a private equity or angel investor like the public markets? This is because Raffaele Riva is one that would see different aspects like easy liquidity.

Easy Liquidity

Where other investment methods such as real estate essentially lock down your investment for a staggering amount of time,stock equity holdings come with a promise of increased liquidity.

This means that if you ever run into an issue of liquidity, you could easily sell your shares to enjoy an immediate influx of cash. Finding buyers for stocks is far easier than doing so for other securities or commodities.

But It’s Not Where those Advantages End

While all of these advantages make stock the popular investment method that it is today, it is not all that this investment option is capable of.

There is no doubt that equity shares comes with the promise of high liquidity. As mentioned above, you could sell them any time upon your will. And depending upon the company that the stock belongs to, they could sell instantly.

But there are times when the stock is just too valuable to sell off.

It could either be due to the company’s immediate growth, or the chances of its value increasing in the future. Whatever the immediate circumstances, you may be able to assess that your stock is going to pay off big time in the future, which is why parting ways from it would not be a very viable decision.

And when you add the requirement of paying capital gains tax on the amount you would make by selling your stock, then it adds another level of assessment to that decision.

All of this is enough to create a conundrum whenever you are faced with an immediate need of cash due to any unforeseen event.

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