Sujit Choudhry & George Anderson Co-Edit New Current Affairs Collection

Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson have joined forced to edit a collection of essays titled Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions, with the book focusing on quite a broad range of topics. Perhaps the most prominent of these are the challenges and disagreements that are inherent in constitutional design and constitution-making processes. While the collection is based on events throughout much of history, Choudhry and Anderson note that the lessons contained within the text can be applied to many current events.

As Sujit Choudhry notes, much of this can be applied to current events in Myanmar, Libya, and Yemen, among many others. The collection offers case studies of 17 countries undergoing constitutional engagement, with this being seen in a variety of contexts. As the editors have noted, this can be seen through the broad range of countries that are being studied, with these facing a diverse range of constitutional and social issues.

As an example, Choudhry and George Anderson highlight that there are a variety of bi-communal countries and small distinct territories included in Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions. As the authors have noted, while territorial politics can play an essential role in this, it can often be a secondary concern for many. To provide examples for the collection, writers drew upon Spain, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Kenya, Nepal, and much more.

As Sujit Choudhry has noted, the writers and editors have taken a realist view of the conflicts that have gone on in each of these countries, especially when it comes to territorial and political complexity. However, Choudhry and George Anderson have done more than just edit the volume. In contrast, they’ve also produced a companion piece that looks to make informed suggestions on how to overcome the diverse range of challenges that can be seen in the constitutional process.

Both Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson have an extensive amount of experience in the topic, with the former being the director and founder of the Center of Constitutional Transitions. Alongside this, he constitutional lawyer and scholar recognized around the globe. George Anderson is the former CEO of the Forum of Federations and a former deputy minister in the Canadian government.

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The Company Making The World’s Most Impressive Super Yachts

Very few of us will ever reach a point in life when we can say confidently that we can afford a yacht. It is the stuff that dreams are made of, but very few of us actually get to a point where we can achieve that dream. The lucky few among us who do reach that goal may want to thank Privinvest the next time we get the chance. They are the company behind the majority of yachts manufactured in Europe and the Middle East. Additionally, they have created two of the world’s ten largest yachts on record.

Founded just thirty years ago, Privinvest is the dream of brothers Iskandar and Akram Safa. The two joined forces to create a company that would help produce the luxury marine vessels that the super-wealthy demand. They knew that there was a market for these luxury items, and they believed that they could make them better than anyone else.

One of the crown jewels of this company in recent years is a superyacht known as the Sailing Yacht A. It was designed specifically for a Russian billionaire who demanded the most high-class luxuries that money can buy. The yacht has eight floors including an underwater observation deck, and it comes in at an impressive 143 meters in length. Those are numbers that you can only afford if you are in the billionaire class. Privinvest made it happen for this individual.

You have to admire the work that the Safa brothers have put into their business. They have certainly made sure that their impact was felt far and wide. The two grew up in Lebanon near the sea dreaming of these vessels, and now they create them for their clients. The company is still a work in progress, but the work that has been done on it already is astounding.

How Raffaele Riva Ensures Success Across His Investment Portfolio

Raffaele Riva is an investment entrepreneur with several decades of experience in a wide range of niches. Throughout his career, Riva has specialized in a few notable areas, including asset management, international business, estate and wealth planning, trust investments, and many more. For the past several years, he has primarily served as the president of the AUREA Multi Family Office, which he helped to found.

Since the company was established, it has opened and invested in a variety of subsidiary companies, with the majority of these focusing on the financial services niche. Some of the more prominent of these include Milano Fiduciaria, Aurea Consulenti Associati SA, BGB AUREA Ltd., and Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA, three of which Raffaele Riva plays an active role in.

Throughout this time, Riva has brought a variety of philosophies with him, many of which have allowed him to stay productive and focused in each of his roles. Perhaps the most notable of these is that he stays up-to-date on a variety of world news events, especially those that may impact his business, and also pays a significant amount of attention to technological developments.

During his career, Riva has focused on quite a broad range of niches, although this hasn’t meant that his work in any of these fields has suffered in quality as a result. In contrast, he brings the same amount of passion and interest to each of his positions, which has allowed him to maintain his success. Throughout this time, he has noted that there are a few things that have allowed him to do so.

One of these is that he consistently looks to provide value to each of the clients that he works with, which helps to maintain and improve the business relationships that he has. Alongside this, Raffaele Riva brings a significant amount of passion to each of the fields that he operates in.

Let MAGFAST Charge Your Devices With Speed and Ease

MAGFAST Chargers for Fast and Easy Results

If you feel weighed down to your phone’s charger, you’re not alone. Cheap aftermarket chargers that deliver mediocre results and don’t last for long have become all too common. Fortunately, the MAGFAST family of chargers developed by MAGFAST CEO Seymour Segnit addresses these issues and more. Providing a wireless charger that is strong enough to power a vehicle’s car battery is what MAGFAST is claiming with their products. While the launch is underway, the Segnit is providing a chance to invest in the company’s initial offering at a discount and by offering a free product. It has been reported that the company has been successful in exceeding the investment goal in just over 15 minutes after the crowdfunding campaign launched.

MAGFAST and Magnetic Connectivity

MAGFAST connects to the devices it’s powering through a magnetic force. This not only provides a stable connection that won’t be disrupted by slight movements, but it also provides the ability to connect the chargers. MAGFAST Chargers take it up a notch through their wireless charging of each other. This means you won’t be stuck needing special adapters for each component or having to locate a power outlet. You’re also able to utilize the wall charger while maintaining outlet availability through its space-saving design.

Checking MAGFAST Out Online

MAGFAST offers a video presentation to showcase its products. Preordering is available through attending a scheduled video presentation. A gift simply for previewing the products is also being offered while supplies last. The chargers are currently being offered during the launch phase in alpine white and forest green. They blend nicely with any background and don’t take up much room. Other products that have received praise include a magnetic charging station for wearable devices and a car charging station. Check everything out for yourself by visiting and scheduling your preview, today.

Sergey Petrossov’s Tech Transformations For The Globe

Sergey Petrossov

A great entrepreneur is one who sees a problem that no one else does, and then seeks to fix it. That’s how Sergey Petrossov transformed the private jet industry and made it create easy access for any of its members. So innovated was his seemingly simple solution, having an app that linked jets to clients, like Uber, that investors like the Saudi royal family and Jay-Z readily sought to back him. And JetSmarter was launched into the skies and there has been no turning back.

The 14,000 members who pay up to $15,000 a year, enjoy perks like scheduling flights or sharing seats on jets scheduled by others. It’s an easy way to be part of the elite Jet Set without owning your own plane. 

The initial digital data platform launched in 2013, with minimal initial backing. Then, they went for additional venture capital funding for their sharing business. It came from a hobby of flying. Before JetSmarter, he co-founded an educational startup and needed to travel. That cloud-based software was for schools and universities in Eastern Europe and Russia, as he said, “countries that couldn’t afford legacy systems.”

Sergey Petrossov

“I don’t know. I think some people just have a drive and passion for what they’re doing. That’s the most important thing for entrepreneurs. If you have a real, deep drive, no matter how much you’re knocked down, you can always get your head up,” he says of his multi-faceted career, which began with businesses in his early teens. While he was a student at the University of Florida, getting a degree in business, he found the enchantment and entrepreneurial possibilities in computer science in 2005. “I knew I wanted to go in technology,” Petrossov says. Seeing the possibilities in technology and old school business.

Equities First Holdings- UK

Equities First Holdings has their office located in the United Kingdom and they have been located there since June 27 2012. Their building is located on Aldersgate Street and they can be found on the second floor of this building. Equities First Holdings has a stock-based loan that customers are taking advantage of because of the low interest rate that this company is charging their customers.

Reasons to Consider the Repton School

There are many reasons why parents are choosing the Repton School for their children and teens. The school was built in 1557 and remains one of the oldest and most sought-after private schools in the United Kingdom. In fact, nearly 10 percent of all students go on from Repton School to study in Oxford and Cambridge. This is the reason so many parents are choosing Repton School and are finding it to be a perfect complement for each and every one of their children’s educations. The Repton School offers a variety of amazing programs and options for kids of all ages, including sports like tennis, hockey, cricket and football.

There are so many benefits to choosing the Repton School for your child’s education. For one, they are able to live at the school, if desired, and stay in one of the boarding houses. This allows them to work, mingle and live with other students as a way to form tight bonds and friendships that they simply would not be able to get otherwise. This is the main reason for why so many people choose the Repton School and are finding it to be a great choice for all of their own needs. Parents will be able to tour the school with their children in a way that gives them the chance to know what is around and what they can expect.

With the ability to choose the Repton School, it is no wonder that so many parents are able to offer their teens the education that they need that will benefit them later in life no matter which career path they choose for themselves. With great education comes a bright and wonderful future, so it is important to consider choosing a private school so that your child can receive the superior education that they would not be able to receive elsewhere. You can go to the Repton School site to learn more and to find out about the boarding houses as well as admission when and if you are considering this as a viable option for your child who is looking for a change.

Niranjan Shan and His Excellent Engineering Company

Globetrotters Engineering Corporation is a very successful service company that was founded by Niranjan Shan in 1974. Located in downtown Chicago, Globetrotters Engineering Corp provides the management of construction, engineering, architectural, and information technology services while offering property management, facility management, and permit review.

Niranjan Shah created Globetrotters Engineering to help clients have access to the company’s professional design skills that produce beautiful results in the construction industries. This great organization has grown over 150 employees with two satellite offices in Wisconsin and the nation’s capital. The consulting services that Niranjan Shah and his company offers are very beneficial to public and private sector clients all over the Midwest.

Globetrotters Engineering also has massive multi-million dollar projects that can take years to complete as well as small design projects that could take as short as a few days to finish. As CEO, Niranjan Shah ensures the right resources are available to handle the complexity of any design project. This way, each customer gets the personal experience that comes with smaller firms with the great execution that the larger firms often have.

When he created this company, it is clear that Niranjan Shah had a vision of satisfying all his clients’ needs by providing a professional team of constructors, managers, designers, and planners to help build lasting relationships of success. That vision came true and continues to come true with every job, project, or business consultation Globetrotters Engineering does.

Ever since Niranjan Shah created Globetrotters Engineering Corp, the company has participated in many important projects including the Midway International Airport Expansion, Chicago’s Deep Tunnel project, and the McCormick Place West Expansion. Niranjan Shan is also quite a philanthropist who really believes in giving back to the community. His giving nature really shows with Globetrotters considering this company has also been nationally recognized as an award-winning engineering and architecture firm.

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Isabel dos Santos: Entrepreneur, Leader, and Philanthropist

Isabel dos Santos is one of the women who have impacted significantly in the global business arena in significant proportions. She utilized her good background as the daughter of the former Angolan president to get a good education and jumpstart her way into the world of business. Isabel was ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the richest women in Africa, with a net worth of more than $2 billion.

Ontem @novojornalAO mentiu na sua capa!Esta aqui a prova:Conheça o Fundador e CEO da Empresa Aenergy: Ricardo Machado

RM:”Eu sou Ricardo Machado. Eu sou o fundador e proprietário desta empresa.Tenho 39 anos de idade,moro em Angola há 15 anos a trabalhar— Isabel Dos Santos (@isabelaangola) September 7, 2019

Background and Education

Isabel dos Santos was privileged to come from a family where a high premium was placed on education and other virtues such as honesty and hard work. She is the oldest daughter of the former Angolan president and his Russian wife, Tatiana Kukanova. Isabel enrolled at King’s College in London after graduating from an all-girls’ high school in Kent. She graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Career and Achievements

Although Isabel dos Santos studied Electrical Engineering, she had a passion for entrepreneurship. Subsequently, her enthusiasm for the corporate arena enabled her to serve in management positions of various firms that were listed on the European Stock Exchange. After finishing her college education in London, Isabel returned to Angola where she joined the labor market.

Upon her return, she started work at Urbana 2000 as a project manager engineer. The company had been awarded a contract to disinfect and clean the city of Luanda. The job paved her way into stating her own trucking business. Later on, she saw a window of opportunity in the entertainment sector in Luanda. She set up Miami Beach Club. The club was among the first to set up shop in the city, attracting a multitude of entertainment lovers from all over Luanda.

Investments in Portugal

Isabel dos Santos understands the importance of diversity. Her desire to increase her portfolio was critical drivers in her acquisition of stakes in important companies not only in Angola but also in Portugal. Some of the sectors that she has invested in include energy, retail, media, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Apart from her interest in Nova Cimangola, a cement company in Angola, Isabel has also invested heavily in diamonds and oil exploration.

Isabel dos Santos’ business acumen has put her on the global map and earned her the coveted title of the richest woman in Africa.

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Building Success With Sergey Petrossov

Being an entrepreneur is hard at any age, but being a very young entrepreneur seems pretty much impossible. Sergey Petrossov was just under thirty years old when he started an app called JetSmarter. JetSmarter allows people to book their flights from anywhere in the world at any time they may need to. JetSmarter does not own any jets of their own, but they do work with some of the biggest airlines so there are always flights available to their clients.

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov was recently asked how he got into the technology world which helped him to create JetSmarter and turn it into the huge success that it is today. He responded with when he was in college all that he wanted was to get out of college so he jumped into his first start-up business. He enjoyed working with the people who were working on the technological side of things of the business and he realized that this is what he wanted to do in his life.

His first startup business was a cloud-based business. He created this software to help schools teach their students through the internet. He named this company the Federal System of Distance Education. After this, it did not take long before JetSmarter came about.

Sergey Petrossov

Once he got his first business off of the ground and running he knew he was ready to start a project like JetSmarter. He had recognized the problem within airports at a very early age. Sergey did a lot of traveling with his parents when he was young. He hated waiting in lines. He hated the long wait for the flight while his parents jumped through all the hoops of booking the flight. He wanted to change that so he created JetSmarter. Sergey Petrossov has worked very hard throughout his career to do everything that he could to make himself a successful entrepreneur. He put in a lot of hours. He has failed. He has succeeded. He has never given up. Sergey has big plans for his future and the future of his businesses. He cannot wait to see what that future is going to hold.

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