Products can fit into our digital world like never before

Steve Lesnard is a big proponent of two important ideas in digital marketing for new products. One is keeping your message simple but memorable and the second idea is to bring your message alive to customers by personalizing it. This has always been important but it is, perhaps, much more so in our digital world. We communicate in new ways and so advertisers need to alter their methods as well. Marketing needs to fit around social media by focusing on the individual consumer.

Peleton is a company mentioned by Steve Lesnard in connection to the first idea, a simple but memorable message. Peleton makes and sells exercise equipment. When advertising their stationary exercise bikes, they did not talk about the features or components of the product. Instead they emphasized bringing the energy and excitement of a spinning class to the comfort of your living room. The idea of convenience is powerful in our fast paced world. Customers are much more likely to be reached by a message of convenience than from a simple description of a product. Another great benefit of this is that this simple message can be extended to a range of products including other fitness equipment, different sports, or even fitness apps. This ensures that products are much more exciting than what they are at their base. Instead every product fits neatly into the consumer’s life, enriching and enhancing it.

The second idea, connecting products to consumers’ lives and personalizing it, is done through a number of ways. One way is appropriate product placement. Advertisements and marketing can be made much more relevant by the smart use of social media. Perhaps exercise equipment is advertised in relevant groups, or close to certain topics. Another way is to use customer testimonial. What is their story and how is it similar to other clients? Another aspect is to focus on specific features, the most relevant and exciting. What do you want your company to represent? What is the message you want people to remember when they hear a specific brand name?

Going To The Academy of Art University

Are you an art student? Do you enjoy art? Are you wanting to create a creative career for yourself? Then if you answered yes to at least one of these questions, the Academy of Art University just may be a good fit for you. The university has a nearly one hundred percent acceptance rate and accepts students from many different backgrounds. Before attending a university like this one must understand completely what type of educational institution this is.

Getting accepted into this school is a breeze but be mindful of everything else that you must have in order to attend classes. The tuition for this private school is steep. Set outside a six-figure sum to complete your bachelor’s degree from this institution. If you will be relocating to San Francisco, California to live keep in mind that the cost of living in this city is expensive. Room and board at the school is not cheap either. Renting an apartment can set you back nearly a thousand dollars a month for rent. If you will be renting an apartment, rent an apartment with some friends to rent for each individual person would be extremely lower.

The academics of the Academy of Art University is what sets this school apart. The school provides itself on only having a staff of educators that are truly knowledgeable and willing to instruct students with the right type of education. Educators and students collaborate together. The staff here have worked to create en extensive support system where students can feel welcomed. The school runs on a set of beliefs that guides everything they do from instruction to support to the academics to simply building relationships with students.

Academy of Art University is a great school to consider if you are naturally creative and want to have a creative career. Be mindful of the costs of the university. Understand you have twenty-five different majors to choose from. Be mindful you can attend classes remotely online and in the classroom. Rest assured when arriving at the university, you will be greeted with supportive teachers, welcoming students and a great learning experience ahead of you.

Raffaele Riva and Holdings

Why would Raffaele Riva, a private equity or angel investor like the public markets? This is because Raffaele Riva is one that would see different aspects like easy liquidity.

Easy Liquidity

Where other investment methods such as real estate essentially lock down your investment for a staggering amount of time,stock equity holdings come with a promise of increased liquidity.

This means that if you ever run into an issue of liquidity, you could easily sell your shares to enjoy an immediate influx of cash. Finding buyers for stocks is far easier than doing so for other securities or commodities.

But It’s Not Where those Advantages End

While all of these advantages make stock the popular investment method that it is today, it is not all that this investment option is capable of.

There is no doubt that equity shares comes with the promise of high liquidity. As mentioned above, you could sell them any time upon your will. And depending upon the company that the stock belongs to, they could sell instantly.

But there are times when the stock is just too valuable to sell off.

It could either be due to the company’s immediate growth, or the chances of its value increasing in the future. Whatever the immediate circumstances, you may be able to assess that your stock is going to pay off big time in the future, which is why parting ways from it would not be a very viable decision.

And when you add the requirement of paying capital gains tax on the amount you would make by selling your stock, then it adds another level of assessment to that decision.

All of this is enough to create a conundrum whenever you are faced with an immediate need of cash due to any unforeseen event.

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Getting to Know the Agera Energy Company

With a lot of people already switching their energy providers, it is no wonder that Agera Energy has become one of the top in the industry. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.

You can feel confident in choosing and using Agera Energy because of the prices they offer and the fact that their service is reliable all throughout the year. They offer electric and fuel for those who are in need of it for themselves. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

You will enjoy switching over to Agera Energy because of the amount of money you can save in the process. There are lots of benefits to making the decision to switch to Agera Energy and how well this company works for its customers. Through their Wiki and Twitter pages, you can get a feel for what Agera Energy is offering and why a lot of people have already made the switch over to what they are going to do for those in need.


Stratford Shields and Optimizing Finance

Stratford Shields would realize that there has not been a clear indication of who would be sitting on the recent California Workforce Commission, but this would also clear up as the hearing for the Commission moves forward. All in all, tangible details are to come forward about this initiative once its respective bill passes by the senate.

The intiative would be something to get involved with because it could have a lot of possibilities and opportunities. The workforce of California is what has made it a strong and thriving state and it is certain that it is what will make it a strong and thriving state in the future as well.

Stratford Shields is one who knows this and has seen that great investments today can certainly pay off in the future. He has helped numerous organizations to work on bond deals that would allow them to create a better future for themselves and the whole organization overall. Stratford Shields has dealt in win-win situations and he plans on dealing with them more over time. This is what has made him successful overall. This desire for success and working with others to help them out by using his best abilities.

He is also certain to pay important attention to aspects such as mental health.

Why It Is Important for Leaders to Pay Attention to the Mental Health of Their Employees

The stigma surrounding mental health is not unknown to anyone. Just a few decades ago, the very mention of mental health sent alarm bells through the spines of almost everyone. Lack of awareness caused the term to be associated with a range of symptoms and disorders that were not even related to a person’s specific issue.

But there was nothing to be done.

This is certainly true and it is something that is being improved upon today.

Gino Pozzo- Transforming Watford FC into a World-class Soccer Team

Gino Pozzo is deservingly among the most prominent figures in today’s European sports scene, thanks to an outstanding record of leading lower-division soccer clubs into top flight leagues. Today, he owns Watford FC, making him a prominent personality in the English football arena.

Born in Udine, Italy, Gino Pozzo is a son of passionate soccer enthusiasts, notably his mother who has maintained an unwavering loyalty to Italian club Udinese. Gino relocated to the US at 18 and joined Harvard University for his Masters. 2 decades later; he relocated to Barcelona having married a Catalan. He moved to England in 2013 alongside his 3 kids and wife.

Gino hails from a family where football runs in their blood. His family’s interest in sports club ownership can be traced back in 1986, when his dad, Gianpaolo, bought Udinese FC. Since then, his family has invested more in the soccer club as their major investment. His family bought Watford FC in 2012, which was heavily indebted by then and struggling to emerge from 4th division. In just a year after purchasing the struggling English club, Gino Pozzo relocated to London and immersed himself fully in the operations of his new club.

It took just 4 years for Watford FC to emerge from 4th division all the way to the coveted English Premier League. Although the club has had more than 8 head coaches as well as managers after Gino Pozzo acquired it, the club has however had an impressive track record. His passion for soccer is core to his role with Watford FC, and his influence in the soccer club goes beyond making administrative decisions. His effect is in virtually all levels of Watford FC’s everyday operations. He is ever-present at the club’s training grounds nearly every day.


Gino Pozzo has demonstrated what it takes to get a struggling soccer club from 4th division to English Premier League, ultimately making him among the top European soccer club owners.

Isabel dos Santos Strong Belief in Economic Development

Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of the former president of Angola and is the richest woman in Africa. According to Forbes, she has a net worth of $2billion, making her the first billionaire woman in Africa. She has managed to acquire all this wealth by investing in numerous companies that venture in Angola and her wealthy family. The BBC named her as one of the most influential women globally in 2015. 

For the last 20 years, Isabel dos Santos has been holding various management roles in prominent companies. The Miami Beach Club was the first business she opened in 1997. She put a lot of effort into seeing the growth and expansion of the market. This led to her ability to create several holdings both in Angola and in foreign countries. This made her start making huge investments in high-end companies, mainly in Portugal (Behance). 

Isabel dos Santos put much effort to thrive in the male-dominated business sector. She, therefore, focuses on empowering women to pursue every career they are capable of. She believes that the economic empowerment of women is crucial in social transformation. Through her hopeful words, she inspires many people in pursuing the potential in business. Isabel dos Santos has a firm belief that Africa has a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit that can produce some of the most successful and promising businesspeople in the universe. 

Most women are stigmatized in the workplace and therefore have a hard time to achieve success. Isabel dos Santos remains hopeful that women will be able to get the same opportunities as their male counterparts so that they can thrive. This will help women to come up with their unique and creative ideas as they pursue their ambitions and promote economic development. Isabel focuses on helping women and she always will, she hopes that she will be able to instill confidence in African women through her insightful messages and thoughts. 

Typically, her mode of thinking goes hand in hand with her broad philosophy for reform. This is “ First the Seed than the future.” Through this philosophy, she tells people not to make immediate changes but to follow steady and slow growth. This is an explanation for achieving the freedom of women economically by eliminating the stigmatization, creating jobs, and providing training. She believes this way. They will become economically stable. 

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Billion Dollar Curiosity of Greg Blatt

Gregory R. Blatt is a highly motivated entrepreneur who is constantly questioning life and the thoughts of his peers, allowing him to obtain great business success using the social media field of online dating. Greg Blatt is a pure innovator because of his conscious efforts to ask “why” enough times to envision the flaws in a certain object or circumstance ultimately leading him to create a successful product of what that certain idea was missing. His curious mind lead him through an interesting career that evolved from painting houses and bartending to being a general counsel for Martha Stewart. As exceptional as that sounds he didn’t stop there, Greg was CEO of Match Group and Tinder.

After graduating from Colgate University, Greg Blatt chose to work non traditional jobs for a few years while moving around to different places like Colorado, San Francisco, Budapest, and France. He then attended Columbia Law School out of search for more excitement leading him towards a path of corporate law and finance. Although this career field choice landed him a job at the enormous M & A firm based in New York, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz (Consumerist). 

Greg Blatt’s innovative desires were still not satisfied so he chose to dive into entertainment law because of his passion for writing screenplays and novels. Essentially, leading to his connection with Martha Stewart and his position as general counsel. The too good to be true opportunity turned out to be a great experience for Greg Blatt which he appreciated much more than any of his previous jobs. A few years later a multi-billion dollar company, IAC, offered him the same general counsel position which he obviously accepted. 

He was then promoted to CEO for another few years before deciding to run his own successful big business, Match Group, and Tinder. Gregory R. Blatt served as Chairman and CEO of Match Group from January 2016 through December 2017 and CEO of Tinder from December 2016 through December 2017. Between his interrogatively dialogued business meetings and adherence to flexible scheduling, he will be able to increasingly fuel his curiosity and push the boundaries of innovation. What greater achievements lie ahead for the billion dollar curiosity? 

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Fintech Company Allied Wallet Creates Payment Solutions

Allied Wallet is a worldwide business that gives individuals and organizations all over the world an affordable and travel-friendly payment solution. Users of Allied can access their money and exchange money in 196 countries around the world. This is a fintech company that has combined the likes of technology and finance together to create a convenient software that allows people to access their money, transfer money and exchange money hassle-free. Allied´s eWallet feature is a new option they have introduced that has made the brand grow so popular amongst consumers who do a lot of digital banking and transfers. 

Allied Wallet has been servicing people and businesses with financial solutions for an entire decade now. They work to create payment solutions that are different than their competitors. Competitor’s of the product tends to have more expensive fees that turn customers away. In addition, competitors tend not to offer as many financial products that allow people to exchange money across borders for inexpensive fees (Gazetteday).

Allied Wallet is the answer to many issues people have with other payment providers. The eWallet feature offers many options for users who want to conduct financial affairs in different countries with different currencies. This feature exchanges money through a specific currency interbank. The increase of this feature has made the overall company a lot of success and notoriety. Allied Wallet has noticed a spike in user signup and activity amongst their entire family of products.

Beginning to use the eWallet or other Allied Wallet products is easy and inexpensive. They pride themselves on creating easy products for people to use and sign up for. Additionally, they are a company that cares about not breaking its users budgets. Sign Up on their website. Get a free account and a free eWallet account. You will also get a prepaid card that will be attached to your account. Begin transferring money to this account. Use your card freely for in-store and online purchase in multiple countries. Allied Wallet has an objective to actualize the best security procedures. They want users of their products to be consoled with knowing this company cares about protecting personal data and financial information of its users. 

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Dating and Relationships Establishment Made Easier By Andrey Andreev

Andrey Andreev, the famous entrepreneur from Russia, is well-known for his invention of social media apps that many have embraced. He discovered and formulated his purpose while traveling, exploring, and socializing. At only 18 years, and while attending the University of Moscow briefly, he opted out of the university. He had a strong urge to travel and explore the world. He then took his time to travel around Europe, interacting with different personalities, and visiting new sites.

In his entrepreneurial journey, he first founded the company named Virus in 1995. It is an online store situated in Russia and which sold computers and its related devices. Two years after the company’s initiation, it was very successful. However, the initiators sold it off to pay for existing traveling loans. Moreover, it was just the beginning of Andrey Andreev‘s significant accomplishments in the creation of booming businesses.

Before Andrey’s initiative of social media apps, he proceeded to form two other companies. The two corporations became famous via the internet. These were the early days of internet familiarization amongst society. The first company, named SpyLog assisted webmasters in tracking the incoming information to their websites, such as; user frequency records. The other one was the Begun Company, which was a contextual advertising firm. It was introduced three years before the foundation of the familiar Google AdWords (Thetimes).

The above two companies made Andrey Andreev more famous, with attribution to excellence in online entrepreneurship. Additionally, the corporation Begun was so successful that in 2008, Google tried to purchase it. The firm became a threat to its field competitors. Later, the businessman entered the social media world. He created the first and free global dating site known as Mamba. It was Russia’s biggest dating site that many accommodated and benefited. 

He then came up with the friendly and free dating social network known as Badoo. These two sites enhanced Andrey’s name globally concerning his initiation of successful dating platforms. Being one of the well-established social media connecting sites, presently, Badoo operates in 190 countries, with 430 million users. Badoo focuses on connecting people for friendly and dating purposes. 

Furthermore, Andrey Andreev created Bumble, the female social media app that keeps growing at a higher rate.Over time, the social apps initiator champion managed to top the world’s social discovery app field. He is reputed highly in the same. Based on his initiatives, Andrey Andreev is passionate in the closing of the gap where people have to struggle to meet lifetime partners through old physical ways. He has made connections more comfortable, faster, and flexible. Many friendships and relationships generate from these social discovery apps.

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